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House L began as a simple renovation project for a bathroom in the former 1970s farmhouse; however, the architects later decided to overhaul the entire building, only keeping the foundations and a small section of the outer wall layer. Salvaged brick from the original building was painted black and recycled to construct parts of House L’s facade. Although the building is contemporary in design, the building’s low profile and simple pitched roof allows it to blend in effortlessly with the rural landscape.

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The spacious interior is almost entirely clad in radially sawn spruce covered with birch veneer that’s been treated with soap or wax. Large windows and skylights fill the house with natural light and natural ventilation. While most of the floors are wooden, the house also includes concrete flooring, salvaged from the original building, that covers the kitchen floor and an area in front of the heat-retaining fireplace. White walls help break up the mostly wood-clad interior. The architects also added a loft space constructed from steel.



Images via OOPEAA, © James Silverman