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Located in one of Iceland’s most dramatic settings, at the footsteps of the UNESCO-listed Thingvellir National Park, the ION Hotel will be perfectly situated to connect travelers with the surrounding environment. With access to hot springs, glaciers, and the mystical glow of the Northern Lights, guests can enjoy the intersection of fire and ice within an environmentally friendly space. The hotel is built atop a tall pier foundation that juts out with views over Lake Thingvallavatn and the mountains surrounding the lake. Designed by Minarc, the hotel is built with a prefabricated, panelized building system to maximizes energy efficiency.

Inspired by the environmental surroundings, Minarc has incorporated natural materials throughout the hotel. Driftwood and other natural materials are used extensively in furniture throughout the hotel. Beds and chairs are built from recycled materials. Mirrors are framed with indigenous Birchwood. Lights made of lava and found-wood illuminate the rooms and Images of the Icelandic horse, arctic fox, and other Icelandic animals adorn the hotel walls. Hot springs have been tapped into to provide energy efficient geothermal heating, while extensive use of natural daylighting seeks to minimize artificial lighting. The project is currently under construction and is expected to open to the public in February of 2013.

Images ©Minarc