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Danish engineering company MOE opened its doors for operation at its new headquarters on September 27th near Copenhagen, Denmark. The engineering firm worked closely with Schmidt Hammer Lassen to design and build the office building. ”For MOE, it was important that the spirit of the building supported their corporate brand. Already from the first sketches, they talked about dynamics and synergy. From there, came the idea of a long spiral staircase all the way up through the building levels, so the building in itself encourages movement,” states Kristian Lars Ahlmark, partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects.

Designed as two interconnecting buildings, much like yin and yang, the structure is centered around a large daylight-filled atrium. The levels spiral up and increase by half a floor each, so that work areas seems more like a series of large landings than separate spaces. To ensure sustainability, Schmidt Hammer Lassen and MOE worked together to achieve a DNGB Silver certification and for it to meet the requirements of the Danish 2015 energy classification. To reduce energy use, the building features high-insulating windows and heat recovery, while a 300 sqm photovoltaic system on the roof generates electricity. The office building sits on top of a concrete plinth of retail shops and will soon see a light rail station open nearby.

Images ©Adam Mørk