What if your lamp and laptop could be powered by plants? Biophotovoltaics’ Moss Table is an innovative furnishing that demonstrates the future potential of Bio-Photo-Voltaic (BPV) technology. Here electricity is generated from the electrons captured by conductive fibers inside the moss table. The technology turns energy that would otherwise be wasted in the photosynthesis process into power that can be put to practical use.

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The ‘moss pots’ in the table act as bio-electrochemical devices converting the chemical energy into electrical energy using biological material such as algea, cyanobacteria, and vascular plants. The ‘Moss Table’ is still in its concept stage, but it can already produce enough electricity t0 power smaller devices such as digital clocks. Scientists are predicting that future BPV devices will be able to power larger devices such as lamps and even laptops.

‘Moss Table’ is being used to spread BPV research to a wider audience, and is part of a larger research project called ‘Design in Science’ exploring ways for design and science to meet.

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