Alternative energy company Urban Green Energy (UGE) has announced the launch of its new vertical axis wind turbine, the VisionAIR. The turbine was the result of over a year of dedicated testing at UGE’s research and development facility and according to the company, and it could be used in distributed energy applications, which are typically located near the point of energy consumption. The VisionAIR will debut at the Beijing International Garden Expo next week.

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The VisionAir works in unison with UGE’s SeamlessGrid power management system which allows for solar panel incorporation on hybrid installations. The system also includes advanced remote monitoring as well as additional safety features  for distributed energy systems.

 The VisionAIR turbine has already been extensively tested by third parties and certified to numerous international standards, including UL certification for its generator. And it is rumored to be the first turbine in its class to achieve multiple IEC-61400 certification milestones. “VisionAIR is already redefining what distributed wind means,” said Ty McKnight, UGE’s AVP of Research and Development. “The efficiency and reliability of this model was achieved while retaining UGE’s stunning visual design and quiet operation, a feat that is completely unmatched.”

The VisionAIR will make its debut in the inaugural installation at the Beijing International Garden Expo, which is estimated to receive approximately 10 million visitors and opens on May 18th. The project also boasts two turbines and 40kW of solar panels, both of which power the ticketing centre for arriving guests.

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