Earlier this week, the much-anticipated Gowanus Whole Foods finally opened its doors to eager patrons. In addition to the super-green market’s rooftop farm and solar array, the new store boasts one of the most energy-efficient parking lots ever. The technology for the lot’s solar and wind-powered Sanya SLS streetlights and electric car UGE Sanya Skypump charging stations was provided by Urban Green Energy.

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Both the UGE streetlights and charging stations produce more energy than they require, allowing the Whole Foods parking lot to feed power back into the electrical grid. In total, there are 19 Sanya SLS streetlights and 2 Sanya Skypumps, which add a sustainable energy micro-grid to the super grocer.

The Sanya SLS streetlights feature a HoYi! wind turbine and solar panels that can power the LED fixture without requiring any supplemental power. Meanwhile, the two UGE Sanya Skypumps utilize a vertical 4kW windmill set up that was developed in collaboration with General Electric. Combined with the store’s stacked solar and greenhouse roof system, the new lot makes the Gowanus Whole Foods one of the most energy-conscious buildings in the borough.

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