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Holleman’s pieces, see above at Like the Spice, resemble futuristic terrariums. Each glass bauble encapsulates items which are vaguely plant-like, coated in hyper colored goo. A tiny pink bonsai like tree is perched on a bright red rock, while swirls of violet chemical muck peaks like taffy in a test tube. These pieces, called chemical spills, are just one way Holleman addresses her environmental concerns about the current state of the world, and the world in the not so far future. Sparse, plant-like specimens appear to be preserved, as if evidence that nature once flourished there.

Repurposing found objects and trash also coincides with these environmental views. Holleman regularly uses old science beakers and bottles, to hold the miniature environments she creates. Each is layered with dirt, chemicals and plants, a “Ship in a bottle, 2.0” as she says. The mini environments develop just as real science experiments, building up over time.

The artist also recycles trash into large site specific installations. Using plastic bags, Holleman has created fluffy sculptures that resemble landfills, with a softer edge due to theircolorful weaving.

Arts Not Fair’s closing party is this Thursday, April 5th from 6-8pm.

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