In light of the fact that the Prefab Now event is wrapping up today in Los Angeles, we thought it was a good time to highlight one of prefab architecture’s original purveyors.

You can’t talk about modernist prefab without reference to Jennifer Siegal’s Office of Mobile Design. OMD was one of the original peddlers of stylish prefab architecture, and with ten years of experience, the company knows its way around of prefab design and construction.

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Best known for the Swellhouse, the Portable Home, and most recently, the Take Home, OMD’s prefab designs combine earth-friendly technologies with cost-efficient prefabrication methods. By designing non-permanently sited structures that rest lightly upon the land, OMD is rethinking and re-establishing methods of building that contrast the generic clutter that increasingly crowds the landscape. Heavily influenced by the possibilities of mass-customization, each of OMD’s prefab houses can be tailored to a buyer’s specifications, making it easier than ever for homebuyers to acquire a house that’s both distinctive and affordable.

OMD’s philosophy is inspired by Sant’Elia’s Futurist manifesto, sharing the thought that “we no longer believe in the monumental, the heavy and static, and have enriched our sensibilities with a taste for lightness, transience and practicality.”