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Garnier says he founded the ‘treesort’ in an effort to make a living off Oregon’s number one natural resource — trees — without cutting them down. When Garnier got started building treehouses, he attempted to get a building permit from the county and was rejected because the proposed structure lacked a concrete, treated wood, or masonry foundation. He ended up building anyway, and to prove that the treehouse was structurally sound, he packed it full of people, and it quickly became a national news story. Several years later, he was able to obtain a building permit to build treehouses legally.

Garnier has become something of an expert in treehouse construction, using sliding brackets that allow the trees to move without tearing the treehouses apart. The treehouses are accessed by a series of ladders and spiral staircases, and guests can roam around on catwalks that connect the treehouses. Because some of the treehouses are located as high as six stories above ground, the housekeepers at the Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort use ropes and pulleys to raise and lower cleaning equipment. At roughly 350-square-feet and 37 feet above the ground, the tallest treehouse is also the largest, and it features a lofted sleeping area.

Via TreeHugger

Lead photo by Flickr user nicolas.boullosa