We’ve featured lots of wooden bikes on Inhabitat, but Amsterdam-based designer Paul Timmer’s timber bike frame may be the most detail-oriented one we’ve seen yet. Made from solid ash, the wooden bike frame contains zero off-the-shelf parts—every single frame component was custom-made. Timmer constructed the non-wooden parts, like the headset and the frame dropouts, from 3D-printed aluminum.

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Weighing in at just 24.25 pounds, the single-speed wooden bicycle is rugged enough to be ridden on a variety of terrains. “The main advantage of the wooden frame is the exceptional comfort,” explained Timmer to Dezeen. “All vibrations, due to bumps in the road, are instantly absorbed.” Timmer also slimmed down the bicycle by going chainless with a belt-drive system that doesn’t need lubrication.

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Unlike the typical bicycle in which the front fork attaches to the frame through the frame’s head tube, the front fork in Timmer’s wooden bicycle is attached to bearings outside the frame. In this setup, the wooden fork directly connects to the solid ash flat handlebars and strengthens the wood grain. Timmer’s wooden bicycle is not available for sale; however, the designer is planning to create a version for mass production.

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