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Stereotank, Marcelo Ertorteguy, Sara Valente, recycled materials, musical instrument, zooart festival

Ertorteguy and Valente bought two old extra large water tanks and cut off their tops. Then they built a wooden frame to hold the tanks on their sides and used recycled shipping pallets to serve as platforms leading up to the instrument. Buckets were mounted inside the tanks and rope was strung between the two sides. The ropes were pulled taut and “tuned” in order to create different sounds. In total 8 notes were created to act as an octave and to be able to play songs. The tanks acted as resonators to amplify the sound.

Visitors to the festival could step up to the instrument and pluck the ropes to make sounds and even songs. As both children and adults alike plucked the instruments, LED lights came on to enhance the experience visually. At the end of the festival, the goal was to dismantle and reuse the giant instrument’s parts so as not to waste the materials. The tanks are slated to be used as watering troughs for animals, while the wooden frame, buckets and rope will be used to create an outdoor garden.

Via Designboom