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Beachaus I is a 2,085 sq ft home that includes a large separate office/studio space and bright shared spaces. The project was developed by InHaus Development, whose mission statement is to “Live smart, not large”. The home was created by Pb Elemental who exclusively designs for InHaus. This home features two bedrooms, utility space and a studio downstairs, with the shared living/kitchen/dining and master suite upstairs. A deck of the living room provides views out to the bay and lots of windows let in natural daylight and add to the views.

Certified LEED Platinum, the home boasts a smart, energy-efficient design including, HRV air-exchange system, high performance windows, radiant hydronic heating, tight thermal envelope with high performance spray foam insulation. Rainwater is harvested from the roof and used to help irrigate the xeriscaped, low-maintenance yard. Inside, the home features bamboo flooring, FSC certified cabinetry, and water efficient fixtures.

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