Can’t get enough of the Metropol Parasol? Neither can we, and we just love this new video narrative of the urban sculpture. Filmed by Brazilian artist Pedro Kok, the short video produced for Domus shows how the people of Seville are embracing their new promenade. Stunning views of the city are visible from the top of the structure and cool, luxurious shade is available below. At night, the new giant-scale structure is a hot bed of activity.

Metropol Parasol, Pedro Kok, Video, Jurgen Mayer H. Architects, Domus, Seville

The world’s largest wooden structure was designed by Jurgen Mayer H. Architects and is located at the Plaza de la Encarnacion. The honeycombed sculpture rising from concrete bases forms a giant canopy over the plaza, which will soon be appreciated even more when the heat of the summer sets in. With an archeological dig going on underneath, and a museum, restaurants, a community center and a farmer’s market going on at the street level, this is one sizzling spot to flock to.

Pedro Kok’s video shows Seville residents enjoying the shade underneath the giant umbrella, walking on top of the structure and gorgeous views of the city. It seems busy during the day, but at night the crowd grows. Kids play on the plaza, people mill on the staircase and couples take their evening strolls. According to Kok, “Parasol is a kind of architectonic promenade that physically transports people over city rooftops, offering an unexpected point of view.”

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