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Head in the Clouds will create a serene cloudscape on the grassy knoll of Governors Island. The lightweight pavilion will appear to be a bumpy cloud from the outside, but when guests enter, they will be able to gaze up into an iridescent blue sky made of blue-colored water filling the jugs.

The framework will be made from lightweight aluminum tubes that are easier to transport than wood or pipe. For the “clouds,” Klimoski and Chang will collect and recycle plastic bottles and milk jugs. Working with local schools, New York Road Runners and NYCRUNS, the pair will collect the 53,780 jugs needed to create the bumpy organic shape of the pavilion.

The jugs and bottles will comprise 120 pillows that are joined together to make the rounded exterior of the recycled pavilion. Organic blue food coloring and water will be added to each jug to reference the sky. The FIGMENT City of Dreams pavilion will invite visitors to sit comfortably and daydream beneath both the artificial and real sky.

Other entrants included HuycKurlanDowling’s plant starch “Fodder Form Pavilion,” MTWTHFSS’s “For Rent”, which uses rented materials and Maria Mingallon’s Enneper Pavilion made from toilet paper tubes.

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