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From the exterior of the building Comoco only made one small renovation to gesture the presence of something new and exciting inside the warehouse. A new entrance was punched into an exterior wall and highlighted with a metal frame. As one enters the building, the presence of a dropped ceiling becomes appearance as the grid of MDF boards crisscross to form a repetitive interior structure.  The interior ceiling grid also acts as a frame for the light bulbs that hang from the rafters. The efficiency and raw nature of the materials continues through the facility from the MDF walls to the white ceramic tiles of the bathroom and the pine wood of the furniture components.

The building’s new volumes were created by subtracting the soccer field size from the interior of the warehouse. Outside of the field, the other programmatic components included changing rooms, a party room, and a reception area.  This facility will ultimately have a big impact on the community while it had little impact on the environment. From a cost standpoint as well, it is better to renovate the interiors of buildings like these then raze the building and create a new one!

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