A new prefab from Jun Ueno brings a fun, modern aesthetic to accessory spaces for garden, courtyard or rooftop. The Magic Box is an extension room that can be used as an office, studio or serve any purpose that the user imagines. We haven’t gotten the whole scoop on how sustainable it is, but we can say that this creative foray into the design of a small prefab space makes prefab look a lot more spacious, interesting and appealing than the typical ‘Modern Shed’ style box.

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The designer calls it “a versatile ‘box’ that changes the stereotypes of prefabricated houses and extension rooms by having qualities such as transparency and simplistic form with high versatility. The Magic Box also creates innovative life styles and business environment. You are free to drive your imagination into transforming this box into your own working space or space for your hobbies.”

The Magic Box design team estimates that it takes about one month to produce the prefabricated components followed by a week or so of installation after foundation work, electricity installation and water supply/drainage.

+ Magic Box Inc.
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