Avid readers of ReadyMade magazine may recognize the work of Edgar Blazona. The San Francisco based designer created a do-it-yourself modernist outbuilding featured in issue #10 a while back (see below). Utilizing entirely off-the-shelf materials available at your local Home Depot (for about $1,500), this “prefab” project was a sensation. The 10 x10 foot structure is code-safe and zoning-friendly and the plans can be had for $35 from the ReadyMade online store.

But for those with a little more cash and less sweat equity Blazona also has a growing line of custom-built Modular Dwellings. These movable secondary structures offer a minimalist’s stylings, with clean lines and open expanses of glass — perfect for an extra bedroom or home office. Just over a year ago he introduced his first fully-equipped modular prefab residence – the MD280. Arriving to the building site on just one truck, three units bolt together to create a 280 square foot one-bedroom structure with a full bath and kitchen. He generated a lot of buzz by auctioning the prototype MD 280 on eBay. Its not clear who the lucky bidder was but, hey, if you’re reading this, we’d love a testimonial!