Breakfast is about to get simpler and a lot more stylish, thanks to Jan des Bouvrie and Princess who have collaborated to create the Compact4All breakfast cubes. Consisting of four different appliances, the Compact4All includes a toaster, juicer, coffee maker and kettle, which stack together in just under 16 square inches. Each appliance can stand on its own, but when combined the system uses just one outlet and stacks together for easy storage!

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Each cube in the Compact4All system is just less than 8 inches square. The toaster can make 2 slices at a time, the coffee maker makes 2 cups and the kettle can hold just under 17 ounces. The juicer includes two different heads for varying sizes of fruit. The system comes in stylish white and can be stacked square or laid out in a row.

This is the fourth collaboration between Princess and Jan des Bouvrie, including the Simple White Table Chef and the Simple White Sandwich Maker. Each piece can be purchased separately.

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