We love a flat-pack design – it’s easy to transport, unpack and assemble (usually). But once it’s out of the box, most flat-pack furniture is pretty much the same as the standard 3-dimensional. If you ever wish you could occasionally revert back to two dimensions for easy storage, you’ll enjoy the Zebra Chair by designer Dieter Paul. You’ll like it even more because it’s made with renewable beech wood and recyclable aluminum.

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The wooden stripes of this Zebra scissor into each other, allowing the chair to nearly disappear when folded. It’s perfect for any compact apartment that needs some stowaway furniture for space efficiency. It’s also great for a picnic due to the weather-hardy materials. And for those of who need a little extra comfort, a seat cushion is available in various colors.

This zebra’s not the cheapest, coming in at over $450 USD, so we have to hope the price buys some astonishing versatility and durability — or perhaps has superior artistic merit like the kindred Pick Chair from Studio Dror.

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