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Spark’s Starhill Gallery renovation transforms the complex from a solid, disengaged building into a series of public walkways and plazas. The cavernous paths carved out by the addition offer shaded areas for visitors to have snacks, meet with friends, or take breaks from work.

Layered with panes of glistening stone and crystalline glass, the new skin sparkles with luxury, emulating the high-end stores within – retailers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Sephora have spaces inside. During the day, the tinted panes gently reflect the sun while allowing natural light to filter in. At night, blue LED lights make the prisms glow from within – the shopping center looks almost like an art installation from afar. The pristine glass technology was assembled by the same team who constructed I.M. Pei’s pyramid addition to the Louvre in Paris.

Spark Architects’ shell façade was a cost and energy-efficient way to transform the shopping center’s look and feel, while attracting new customers through its innovative design. The angular glass façade also gives the Starhill Gallery its own branding and symbolism – the center’s iconic exterior matches its prestigious retailers inside. Spark’s design redefines Starhill Gallery as a new architectural icon for Kuala Lumpur.

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