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The “chandelier” is actually made up of 49 two meter LED lights swaying together in formation. Hanging like a pendant in the center of the six storey atrium,  the kinetic lights are roughly arranged in a diamond shape. Each LED rod is on a separate cable, and by remote control each can be hoisted and lowered to form different shapes, from diamonds to squares to cascading shapes.

The remote control also triggers software that controls luminance, speed and color, which gives the chandelier installation ever changing, undulating shapes. The pieces can be lowered and raised in a range of 7 meters, which, combined with the full spectrum color range and changing luminosity, gives an almost endless possibility of looks. With the design of the building centered around the open six storey atrium, each level has a different vantage point and a different view of the installation as it ascends and descends.

The architecture of the building was inspired by the structure of minerals, so WHITEvoid designed the chandelier installation to emulate the natural shape of crystals. The light pieces themselves are made of lightweight plastic foil with internal LED light strips. The moving light sculpture goes to “sleep” when the store is closed, moving slightly every hour. The lights remain illuminated, creating an anthropomorphic effect on the shopping center, as a heartbeat of light from the installation can be seen from the outside, as the building “rests” up for the next morning’s shopping crowd.


Via Frame Mag