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Redneck Shipping Container House, shipping containers, cargotecture, redneck house, composting toilet, solar power

Although it’s not clear whether the home was designed by an architect, it appears to be a clever project that make efficient use of space. The Chive has tons of pictures of the construction of the home – from the containers being dropped on the lots and buried into the hill all the way through final construction and the addition of furniture and decor. Two containers were set next to each other, and a large arched hole was cut in-between to connect them together and create a larger living space. The interior was framed with 2×4’s then insulated and paneled with wood, and double-paned windows were installed on 3 sides.

The two-bedroom, one-bath house features a composting toilet to save water and makes use of both photovoltaic panels and solar hot water heaters to reduce energy demands. The home is partially buried into a hill in the back, which helps moderate interior temperatures while a wood-fired stove provides heating. Although we’d certainly have liked to see a skylight or two for more daylighting, the resident’s hunting trophies are at least adequately lit. Vintage and antique furniture pieces pair nicely with the camo decor, creating unified redneck aesthetic.

Via The Chive

Images used with permission from The Chive