We love designer Rick Lee’s creative use of digital fabrication and CNC milling to create a set of playfully evocative “Four Seasons” furniture, which was on display at New York’s ICFF. Celebrating the cyclical nature of life, each table in the Four Seasons series is a different shape and height, and has a unique style of CNC cut-out from its plyboo base to reflect the season.

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Our personal favorite is the “Winter” coffee table (shown above), with its lovely barren tree branch pattern. While the tables are beautiful in their own right, we especially loved seeing the CNC cutouts reused to create wall art in the display. The CNC cut-outs were previously shown fashioned together to create as a room divider in Rick Lee’s west coast show “Ourobus”. Nothing is left to waste with these gorgeously eco-friendly plyboo tables — making the Fours Seasons something we would love to have in our house all year round. + Rick Lee Designs