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West began his task by developing storage space throughout the room. The ceiling was given a sweeping new look, with the addition of a curved form that extends over the dining room. This not only creates an intimacy around the dining table, but also masks the room’s sound system, which was tucked behind the curvature. The stereo and CD player are also encased at wall height within the curved addition. The shelving below the stereo extends for the length of the wall, and opens to accommodate extensive storage for CDs, dinnerware, and glasses.

Across the room, West saw another storage opportunity in the window. Above the radiator, he created a cushioned window seat, which allows the client to relax while overlooking Central Park. Part of the base of the seat has a heat vent, but the rest opens for everyday storage, concealing boxes and bric-a-brac.

The old fireplace was given a sleek, modern facelift, and blends into a storage wall that has a built in shelf.  The absence of a mantle opens up that wall, and gives the client’s piano center stage.

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