My favorite part of Disneyland was always the Main Street Electrical Parade. It seems gluttonous now: a procession of mechanized floats, covered in rainbow light bulbs, all buzzing and twinkling to the tune of music. Fortunately, O*GE Architects and Interactive Gallery have sated my light-show fix with a solar-powered, LED-licious Night Garden. The installation was part of the recent Light in Jerusalem Festival and dazzled visitors to the Gan Habonim (Jerusalem Citadel) with giant neon-colored, luminescent flowers whose petals opened and closed throughout the night.

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The Night Garden, created with the Israel Electric Corporation, consisted of lotus blossoms, tulips and “dewdrop flowers” made of steel, metal mesh and Hebron glass. The LED lights and mechanized petal-flapping were powered by four solar panels that stored energy in batteries for the nighttime show. And for the public’s viewing pleasure, the whole thing had its own soundtrack, composed by Ravid Hang, of Great Britain, and Andy Isler, of Switzerland.

Says O*GE, ” Our aim for this installation was to demonstrate that by using alternative energy and technology, not only are we safeguarding our environment, but, we are also creating a poetic, magical experience.”  And although their aim is to create “Less Vegas, more tranquility,” the garden is a crowd-drawing spectacle that inspires a kind of child-like, amusement-park awe.

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