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The getaway lets guests take a step back in time to the Dutch settlement of South Africa. The farm, manor house, bell tower and other buildings have been carefully preserved, and date back to the 1700s. The buildings and guest accommodations all feature charming historic thatched roofs and ornate gables, but are also whitewashed to keep the interiors naturally cool. The interiors are a mesh of modern simplicity and historic tradition, mostly clad in light colors to accentuate the usage of natural lighting. The rooms are heated with hearths in the winter.

The garden and farm are the heart of Babylonstoren. Over 300 different edible plants are grown and harvested each year and served in the restaurant. None of the plants are merely ornamental, except for walls of climbing roses, planted to create an aroma that mixes with the herb garden. The garden is naturally irrigated from a stream and connecting waterways, as it has been for the past 300 years.

Aside from enjoying fresh foods, guests can partake in exquisite spa treatments, or explore the orchards and vineyards. Ducks and other birds call the farm home, as well as other rare species for bird watching. The retreat was especially made for reconnecting with nature. Guests can hike through the endless fields and trails to take advantage the gorgeous landscape and mountain views.

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