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Templestowe Reserve Sporting Pavilion, templestowe, phooey architects, melbourne, recycled materials, zero energy, carbon neutral

Located outside of Melbourne, Templestowe’s football and cricket club’s new home is made from brick and represented by different jumpers & crests in the form and facade of the building. Built from the reclaimed brick of the former facility, the new pavilion makes use of the recycled material as a way of exploring sustainability. Names of past and present players, volunteers and members of the town are inscribed on the facade as a way to remember the influential people.

Inside, there are facilities for community and player training, and changing rooms that have exits right onto the playing fields. The zig-zag roof line is an alternating pattern of solar panels and windows, absorbing the sunlight for energy and letting in daylight for lighting. Templestowe was designed in order to be carbon and water neutral creating all of its own power and collecting its own water.


By repurposing bricks from the original stadium, the architects avoided the carbon emissions that would result from firing and transporting new bricks to the site. The new stadium is also carbon and water neutral.

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