This fantastic geodesic dome is constructed entirely from discarded cardboard boxes by Steven Morgana. That in itself is a fantastic green idea, and its brown and green panels visually reflect its earthy sustainability. But the most unusual thing about the design is that it is held in equilibrium, suspended above the ground through the balancing of all the waste produced while it was being built. “How Much Does Your Building Weigh?” is therefore a zero-waste green installation that hovers above the floor through re-using excess material.

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After cutting away at the various sections of the dome, Morgana found that too much cardboard as going to be wasted, so he made use of the off-cuts in an inventive way. The piece is therefore held in balance through all the cardboard used for its production. Its by-products hold it up, and generate an interesting comment about waste, production, and reusing materials. It’s amazing just how poetic a dome made from recycled cardboard boxes can be.

+ Steven Morgana

Images courtesy of Steven Morgana