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The modern home at first appears to be a design of horizontal lines – white concrete frames the first story, while thick wooden roofs extend over outdoor spaces on the second story and to the back of the home. The design allows for the owner to enjoy the greenery of the outdoors, while still funneling cross breezes to cool the interior.

The house is setup somewhat backward as compared to traditional homes, with the main living area on the second floor and the bedrooms and dining rooms located below on the first floor. Even more unique, the living room opens up to a second story pond. The pond simultaneously cools the breezes that sweep across the airy living room area, while also preventing solar heat gain from the rooms below. The pond also reflects the beautiful tropical trees surrounding the property, creating a tranquil view at all angles.

Inside, on the first floor, a koi pond  and “stream” runs throughout the house also acting as a cooling system – the evaporating water cools the breezes that are being funneled through the long hallways. The bedrooms are met with narrow pools outside with “bridges” connecting the hallway and the bedroom entrances.

To further the usage of the natural environment, the architects have crowned the residence with a large oculus that extends through both floors. This fills the living area and first floor with light, while also bringing a glimpse of the treetops into the first floor of the living area. The open and airy water-cooled home utilizes a natural cooling system, while also blurring the line between indoors and out.

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