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Located in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, and funded by the regional state organization ACCM, the water park retreat will combine indoor and outdoor venues, making it enjoyable year round. Located on a picturesque lake, the park will allow visitors to sun themselves on a wooden dock, or on one of the provided lounge chairs.  The deck overlooks the serene mountain environment and nearby cozy lodges, inviting visitors to relax and revel in the beauty of the area. They can also go for a dip in the lake, or even rent a boat to row around its perimeter.

Rising out of the grass, the interior park’s roof creates grassy hills that visitors can lay upon. A running trail snakes over the submerged buildings, and some structures are even carved into the mountainside and enclosed with glass.  Inside, the glass façade provides visitors with beautiful views of the lakes, trees and neighboring mountains. A glass-enclosed indoor pool is designed to recreate the outside inside, flanked with smooth rocks, foliage and simulated mountain stream. The locker room and fitness center are adjacent to the pool, while the lobby, daycare and restaurant are located on the floor above.

Adjacent to the Aquapark, Personeni Raffaele Schärer is also developing a new ice rink to add to the entertainment complex. The ice rink will be symbiotic to the indoor pool: excess energy created from producing the rink’s ice will be repurposed to heat the pool and the interior of the Aquapark! No extra energy will need to be purchased. The Aquapark also has other green features too – the interior maximizes natural light, with its glass façade and the lush grass planted roof minimizes environmental impact and insulates the interior, absorbing solar gain. The idyllic retreat earned Personeni Raffaele Schärer Architects a 2nd place price in the design contest.

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