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The long and narrow Sunny Side House manages to create an open and airy feeling in the interior, despite its oblong shape. Built for a family of five, the house is centered around a family living area, with large common areas that blur the lines between inside and out. The entire first floor of the home is an open space where the living, dining, kitchen and outdoor areas intermingle, separated only by sliding glass doors that divide inside from out.  A slated fence and a landscaped green wall conceal the first floor’s submerged location, which is considered undesirable in Asian cultures. The green wall also doubles as a light filter, and naturally cools the first storey.

The family’s bedrooms are all arranged on the outer edge of the second floor, lined with timber louvers to keep out the heat of the afternoon sun, while still giving light and privacy. The top floor doubles as an outdoor space, its airy and glassy nature opens onto a long terrace that is deeply shaded by an overhanging roof. The top floor also has a game room, guest room, and TV room for family fun.

The oddly shaped plot is brought to life with strategic placing of windows, living walls and outdoor spaces, making the narrow home feel spacious and open.

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