For those trapped in an office who yearn to gaze upon a bucolic landscape, the Ienami Bonkei Planter by Japanese designer Chiaki Murata is the perfect desk accessory. Bonkei is the art of creating natural scenes in trays through the use of plants, rocks, and miniature figures. It’s meant to evoke serene contemplation, and there may be no other place better suited for a little relaxation than a cubicle or workspace.

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The Ienami Bonkei Planter brings a modern aesthetic to the age-old Japanese tradition. White three-dimensional modular units mimic contemporary architecture with clean angles, entryways, and staircases. The individual pieces can be arranged to create a tiny city for display. Each roof transforms the planter into a living building, encapsulating the trends towards sustainable architecture in a an attractive decorative accent.

The Ienami Bonkei Planter comes in four different models, and they can be purchased through Murata’s Metaphys store or the Generate website for about $59 US each.

Via Spoon and Tamago