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Atlantic City’s golden era has long passed, and the city fell into disarray and crime over the last 40 years. Jerde’s plan not only reshapes the city into a premier tourist destination, but also helps to re-enliven the area, giving its residents a better place to live in, with the promise of more jobs and revenue for the city after the redesign.

The famous Atlantic City Boardwalk will be first to get a face lift, followed by a redesign of the beach, eliminating sand dunes to create a visual connection between the boardwalk and the sea. Cultural pavilions will dot the boardwalk, bringing in entertainment, music, light and sports, and lead visitors from one end of the boardwalk to the other.  Outdoor cafes, bars, and shops will also line the space.

The city’s roadways and paths will also be redesigned to encourage visitors to navigate the city, with an emphasis on green transportation, such as bikes, water taxis and car pooling mini buses. Most of the city will be pedestrian-oriented, enticing visitor to walk from area to area by stringing entertainment centers together. Trees will be planted throughout the city to provide shade and fresh air, and create a more inviting cityscape.

The ambitious new plan will put Atlantic City back on the map, making it a new East Coast entertainment center known for art, culture, sun and sand.

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