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The loop-de-loop bridge stretches at a picturesque point on the Mijacka River, connecting the historic stone walls on the right bank to the lush grounds of the domed former church on the left. Stretching 125 feet across the river, the steel and aluminum bridge’s loop creates a sheltered sitting area for students to meet in. Fitted with a rounded wooden bench on each end of the enclosure, the covered space also gives an isolated and tranquil resting spot directly above the waters of the Mijacka. Students may use the bridge for a place to eat lunch, study, or as a meeting point for friends.

At night, the looping bridge is illuminated with white LED lights, creating a new urban landmark while providing a safe passage for pedestrians into the church hall. The church itself was originally built in the early 1900s during the Viennese Secession, and the curvature of the bridge was also meant to mimic the lines popular in Secession architecture.

Conceived for a contest in 2007, the students, who are now graduating, finally saw their design come to life when the Festina Lente looping bridge was built five years later.

+ Academy of Fine Arts of Sarajevo

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