This simple, but modern little cabin was recently featured in Sunset Magzine as a micro-hideaway in the woods. Designed by an enterprising couple with the desire for a getaway, the pair sought to build a small home with a very limited budget, but not at the price of short-handing the planning stages.  What resulted from their diligent efforts was an uncomplicated yet eye-catching design where accommodations have been programed to take advantage of the fantastic views while also keeping a pleasing and proportioned form. A perfect addition for anyone looking to create some extra space, the Signal Shed is now being offered as a prefab, quick to plant in any choice of scenery.

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Sitting on pier footings similar to a deck, the inside floor measures a scant 8 by 16 feet, for a total area of just 130 square feet. Heat to the interior is provided by a wood stove, and by placing a bunk over the small dining space, the total floor area is kept open. However, what keeps the space efficient is the over-sized 8 foot shed door which opens up to a small deck overlooking Oregon’s stunning Wallowa Lake – in effect extending the overall feel of the home’s scale. Movable screens cover the windows nicely, and a vertical weathered cedar screen contrasts beautifully with the natural boards lined horizontally on the veranda.

+ Ryan Lingard Design

Via Jetson Green and Sunset