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Malet’s “LEGO en Bois” toys were lovingly hand made, from the carving of each part, down to the stamping of the packaging. The Montpelier, France based designer also recycled all of the waste made from carving each component, but creatively repurposing the curly shavings as packing in each box. The boxes themselves are made from recycled cardboard, and hand folded and assembled.

The wooden LEGO figures appeal to the toy collector, and strike that cord of nostalgia. With visible wood grain on each detailed and movable part, Malet has translated the mass-produced plastic toy into a beautifully carved, collectible artisan piece. With an edition of only twenty signed and numbered toys, they quickly sold out on the designer’s Etsy shop.

Without the bright candy colors of plastic LEGO men, the wooden Art Toys take on an almost old-fashioned feel, a contrast to the sleek shape of  nubbed head and clamp hands. Along with the natural packaging, the toys could become your family’s next heirloom toy.

We hope that Malet continues to delve into his sustainable LEGO-inspired collection and add to the edition of twenty- to the delight of LEGO maniacs everywhere!

+ Thibaut Malet