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Bronx Zoo, LEGO Master builders, LEGO bear, LEGO flamingo, LEGO tiger, LEGO gorilla, LEGO frog, LEGO giraffe, LEGO animals

The Great Summer Zoofari

Located next to real life counterparts at the Bronx Zoo, ¨The Great Summer Zoofari¨ is a series of animal sculptures made from our favorite Danish building blocks. Designed by LEGO Master builders, the colorful pixelated creatures include bear, flamingo, tiger, gorilla, frog, and giraffe statues drawing smiles from kids and adults.

Norwegian photographer, TLR camera, Carl-Fredric Salicath, LEGO camera

LegoFlex B1 is a Fully Functioning LEGO TLR Camera

Designed by Norwegian photographer Carl-Fredric Salicath this TLR camera is built entirely from colorful LEGO blocks and some standard photography and repurposed parts. Colorful, fully functioning and unique, Salicath’s camera can be built from instructions he kindly uploaded to his blog.

David Gilday, ARM, LED display, Droid phone, Rubiks Cubes, LEGO Robot

LEGO Robot is a Smart Rubik’s Cube Solving Machine

Created by David Gilday for ARM, LEGO Robot solves Rubiks Cubes in only 25 seconds! Controlled by a Droid phone and equipped with an LED display that shows the time spent, this amazing bricked-toy solves the Hungarian 3D cube faster than any human ever will.


Leon Overweel, 14-year-old, drawing machine, PriNXT, lego printer

PriNXT is a Fun LEGO Printer

Built by a 14-year-old LEGO genius called Leon Overweel, PriNXTcombines technology with the iconic colored blocks. Using three motors to control an attached marker pen, this fun drawing machine is a LEGO robotic tool.

St. Pancrass Train Station, Bright Bricks, LEGO christmas tree

LEGO Christmas Tree is a Massive Festivity Faux-Fir

Constructed by Bright Bricks, the only LEGO-certified professionals in the UK, LEGO Christmas sprouted last year at London’s St. Pancrass Train Station. Using 600,000 dark green miniature building blocks, it was built off-site and brought in during the night to surprise thousands of lucky expectations about to take a train to celebrate with their families.

I-Beam, Sean Kenney, Marks Residence, NYC apartment, pixelated apartment, LEGO stair railing, LEGO wall

Marks Residence is a Pixelated NYC Interiors from LEGO

Designed by local I-Beam and built by artist Sean Kenney, Marks Residence was created within a family home in a NYC apartment. Using 20,000 LEGO bricks and a lot of imagination, the new stair railing and wall is colorful, fun and a very unconventional design to live with.