A people-powered washing machine is a dream come true for some who live in remote areas, off-the-grid or in places where a washer and dryer are a hike to get to. The Drumi is reminiscent of the GiraDora, a foot-pedal washing machine prototype that never came to market in the U.S, except that it’s available to purchase.

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The Drumi is designed for campers, students, off-griders or anyone else who would rather use their foot to power their wash loads than electricity. At only 22 inches tall, the Drumi can handle 6 or 7 individual garments (about 5 lbs of clothes) at once, but only one pair of jeans. (If you’ve ever hand-washed a pair of jeans, this makes perfect sense to you.) Ideal for delicate items or baby clothes, the Drumi uses only five liters or just over a gallon of water to clean a load of clothes.

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To use it, load the clothes in the drum, put detergent in the hopper and then add the water. It’s necessary to push the pedal for five minutes, spinning the drum back and forth; afterwards, a mere push of a button will drain the water. Add more water for rinsing, push the pedal some more, and drain again. According to Yirego, a Toronto-based household design company, the washer uses 80 percent less water than a regular washer. It also uses liquid, powder and solid detergents.

Priced at $239 USD, the Drumi is available to purchase online. If you are interested in low-impact washers, other styles are also available, including the Swoosh, the Venus, and the Laundry POD.

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Images via Yirego