Created by Alfaro/Acevedo Arquitectura, Margot Restaurant in Argentina is a unique dining experience where the dining room and the open kitchen share a space. You enter the restaurant through the organic garden, where ingredients for the food are grown. This is a farm-to-table experience like no other, with an open floor plan that lets you see every stage of food preparation. You’ll see the ingredients grown outside turned into the food that gets served to your table.

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A one-story rectangular volume with letters reading "Margot." A green terrace is partially visible from the roof.

The building itself is constructed of wood, glass, concrete and steel. On the roof, a green terrace forms part of an orchard. Meanwhile, solar panels provide energy. Built on two lots, the building is separated from the dividing wall. This creates a service entrance, providing clear spaces for diners and staff. The basement houses the cheese, preserves, ham and wine. Moving to the kitchen, there is a fire pit and room for maturing meat. Many foods are housed, grown and harvested on-site to create that farm-to-table dining experience.

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A garden connected to a covered patio.

Farm-to-table is much more than a trend. When food comes directly from the garden to your table, you can taste the difference. The farm-to-table method also eliminates distributors and food services. The food is fresher, and it’s delivered directly to the restaurant. Or, in this case, harvested from right outside the restaurant.

An interior dining area with wood tables and chairs, with a green wall in the background.

Some restaurants use the phrase “farm-to-table” for marketing purposes, and sometimes, you’re not really getting a true farm-to-table experience. At Margot Restaurant, you know what you’re getting. The garden is right outside the door.

An organic garden with two plots of plants.

The building itself is drenched in sunlight, creating a beautiful area for the garden to thrive. The interior spaces are full of shining metal, warm woods and natural light. In the dining area, guests will find rustic decor, with wooden tables and a large bar against one wall. Everything about the innovative design is unique and green-friendly.

+ Alfaro/Acevedo Arquitectura

Photography © Ramiro Sosa