The Tornado Tower is a spectacular modern and unique design that is characterized by a rotating facade, which generates power from high altitude winds. The exterior of the tower is outfitted with curved fins that harness the wind to generate clean energy to power the arts center and the surrounding city as well. Pairing function and aesthetic, the roof of the tower boasts an undulating sea of pearls that meld into clouds, from which unparalleled views of the city are possible.

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Tornado Tower was one of many impressive entries submitted into a design competition to create a performing arts center in Taipei, Taiwan. Designed by Ulf Mejergren and Anders Berensson from Vision Division in collaboration with Markus Wagner from Svens Standard, the Tornado Tower would not only be a feat of wonder in and of itself, but it would provide a beautiful backdrop for the many performances that would take place inside. At the base of the tower, an open public space welcomes visitors by surrounding them in a sea of pearls. Inside the tower, a spiraling staircase allows visitors to reach the Grand Theater by elevator, foot or on a VIP train made up of giant pearls (non-toxic acrylic balls.)

At the top of the tower sits the Grand Theater covered in pearls and backlit by soft lights that may be adjusted for the appropriate performance and mood. The interior of the theater looks like a wondrous dream — and a magical reality to transport you to another place. Unfortunately, the Tornado Tower did not win the design competition for the Tapei Performing Arts Center. Instead, OMA was selected as the winner. But we can still dream of seeing the opera in such a magnificent setting.

+ Vision Division

+ Tapei Performing Arts Center

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