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The shape of the triangle is repeated in the floorplan of the Triple V, as well as the pitched roof. The sharp peaks also allow for easy rainwater run off, protecting the roof from water damage, and helping to irrigate the grasses surrounding the perimeter.

Located on China’s Dong Jiang Bay, the exterior of the structure is clad in durable Cor-ten steel. The surface responds to the balmy climate of the coast, creating an earthy rust color through oxidization. Cor-ten is also very weather sensitive, and thus changes slightly with moisture and rain, while protecting the interior. The warm rust color also coincides with the natural landscape.

The floor-to-ceiling glass meets each peak of the roof, flooding the interior with natural light 360 degrees around the building. Each of the roof points coincides with one of the three main spaces in the interior, creating the maximum amount of space inside. The interior walls are clad in sustainable timber, so as to continue the cohesion with the surrounding nature.

The gorgeous triangular gallery also provides a stunning view of the surrounding ocean, creating a unique vantage point from inside.

+ Ministry of Design

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