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Bamboo is a vital part of Vietnam’s architectural vernacular, and the architects at Vo Trong Nghia put it to incredible use in their intricate projects. The exterior of Bamboobooth slopes forward, like a hut with a small door cut into it. The bamboo rods are laid horizontally, and their green color is interrupted every foot or so by the natural knobby segmenting of the bamboo plant.

The architects constructed the booth using “bamboo masonry” – a practice they developed wherein bamboo pieces are stacked like bricks.  Each layer is held in place with bamboo nails and wedges instead of metal ones, making the entire structure completely sustainable. Only thin wires held the structure in place as it was inside of the exhibition hall. The ends of the booth bear the ornate circles of the bamboo ends.

Inside the triangular bamboo shell, visitors come face to face with the beautiful patterns of the horizontal bamboo stalks. On the back wall, Vo Trong Nghia’s projects are highlighted in a grid of colorful pictures.

Vo Trong Nghia set itself apart at the Vietnam Architecture Exhibition, building a booth that highlighted what they do best – using bamboo to create gorgeous sustainable structures.

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