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WeWork’s 110 Wall Street location is already packed with seven floors of the company’s signature co-working spaces featuring chic furniture, free coffee and a communal atmosphere. The only difference now is that the offices are topped by 45 apartments that have been kitted out for beta testing the co-living program.

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Like many other apartment complex, the WeWork communal living spaces offer studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, each designed and decorated to fit into the WeWork brand. But as would be expected from WeWork, there are more amenities available than a totally private apartment. Each unit has a kitchen and private bathroom, but also includes community spaces, which kept in check by a community manager who sounds an awful lot like an RA in a dorm.

Yoga studios, movie theaters and a weekly cleaning service are included in the unspecified rent costs, as is furniture, Wi-Fi and cable. Residents will also be brought together the WeWork way with activities like communal dinners, fitness classes and game night.

WeWork hopes that the community-driven living concept will appeal to affluent young professionals flocking to New York, in the same way that the new fleet of micro-apartment plans are, while building a social network found at home. If successful, WeWork plans to expand the Wall Street location to include 200 units.


Via 6sqft