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Wing Wah, Chinese art, recycled cars, Transformers, Legend of Iron, recycled sculptures

Wing Wah’s Incredible Metal Transformers Robots

A work by Chinese artist Wing Wah, these huge, incredible robots are built from all sorts of scrap metal coming from the automotive industry. Inspired by the Transformers movies, they are part of the “Legend of Iron” project, and they have the added benefit of reducing landfill waste and turning it into a colorful treasure.


Travis Pond, Steel Pond, recycled animal sculptures, Honda, Yamaha, Recycled Vehicles

Travis Pond’s Elaborated Motorcycle Beasts

Skilled artist Travis Pond from Steel Pond created some bestial animal sculptures by recycling deconstructed motorcyles. By welding together all sorts of elements like nuts, bolts and random Honda and Yamaha metal parts he creates stunningly expressive owls, cranes and dragons that are both beautiful and slightly ominous.


Edouards Martinet, recycled bicycles, Recycled Vehicles, french art, recycled metal


Edouards Martinet’s Delicate Sculptures From Old Bike Parts

French creator Edouards Martinet gives good use to bicycle parts and other assorted objects he founds at local flea/markets. He doesn’t use any welding for his art, he just secure the parts using screws and a lot of patience to give our favourite two-wheelers a new life as birds, insects and sea creatures.


Miina Akkijyrkka, cows, recycled cars, recycled metal, Finnish sculptore, scrap metal

Miina Akkijyrkka’s Immense Cow Sculptures From Recycled Cars

Inspired by her time of studying dairy farming, Finnish sculptor Miina Akkijyrkka designed immense sculptures of cows that are both colorful and expressive. By assembling massive scrap metal car parts into bovine sculptures within a woodland lanscape, the award-winning artist creates a farm-like environment while raising awareness about sustainable issues.


Jim Reinders, Stonhedge, Carhenge, Recycled Vehicles, Nebraska, grey cars


Jim Reinders’s Prehistoric Stonhedge Replica From Dead Cars and Trucks

Inspired from prehistoric Stonehenge monument in Western England, artist Jim Reinders built a stunning replica that replaces the spiritual stones with grey painted trucks and cars. A tribute to his father, Carhenge is a large-scale sculpture built in Nebraska that attrackts thousands of worshippers every year while also raising questions about the death of the car.


Recycled Vehicles, Neatherlands, Studio Re-Creation, Lada Samara Diva, Russian


Studio Re-Creation Transforms Old Russian Cars Into Man-Machines

Measuring 6.5 feet and made from recycled Russian Lada Samara Diva cars, these Transformers sculptures are half-man, half-machine. Sculpted by Neatherlands-based Studio Re-Creation, they look as if they’re poised for battle.