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XBO Mobile was initially conceived as part of the innovative European exhibition called PARASITE, a forward thinking architecture show standing for “Prototypes for Amphibious, Readymade, Advanced, Small-scale, Individual, Temporary, Ecological houses.” The unit combines the characteristics of a temporary shelter with a mobile shelter- it can be transported and set up anywhere, but is also self-sustaining and can be set up as an independent shelter without external infrastructures.

The XBO is unique in that it has the option to bring the outdoors in. Made from two sliding parts, the adjoining ends can be pulled apart to reveal a 22-foot garden area, with living quarters flanked on each side. The unit can remain open, so plant life can be brought in and set up like a typical terrace. The interior is extremely simple, yet sleek and leaves a somewhat luxurious impression (although it is made from inexpensive materials). Polished birch veneer walls and linoleum flooring give a clean look, while large glass windows allow residents to enjoy the views of the location they tote the structure. Outside, a ladder leads to a rooftop terrace for additional views.

Combining the outside with the inside, the unitfeatures an interior kitchenette, living room, bathroom and bedroom/office that are set around the garden space. The garden space has endless possibilities- plant life, outdoor dining, and even a sauna can be added.

Luxurious and simple, the unit folds back up into astorage container to be brought to its next picturesque destination at a whim.

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