Inhabitat has written quite a bit about Blu Homes, the modular home maker that designs eco-friendly prefab houses. From their ability to fold to their affordable prices, there are already dozens of reason to love Blu Homes, but today the company gives us another: the highly efficient, steel frame homes cost homeowners 50 to 70 percent less to operate than a conventional home.

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Most green prefabs are Energy Star rated, which means they save homeowners at least 20 percent, but Blu Homes‘ data shows that their structures perform significantly better than that. Blu Homes CEO Bill Hanley likes to compare the company’s designs to hybrid cars. “Just as we make the investment to buy a hybrid or electric car because it will cost far less in the long run and because it reflects our personal values, many people are starting to think about building homes that operate under the exact same principle,” he said in a statement.

The energy savings in Blu Homes are the result of a variety of green building elements. They use passive energy designs combines high-quality insulation, radiant floor heating, a high efficiency HVAC system, and rainwater and sunlight catchment. The green features enhance the energy savings that come from Blu Homes proprietary steel framing, which by itself is a highly-insulated home. On top of that, the frames are foldable, which means that even transportation to the building site is eco-friendly.

After one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record, Blu Homes owners can speak to the effectiveness of the designs. “The passive solar light and natural beauty outside feel like they’re ‘entering in’ from the big windows, keeping it warm and comfortable inside, while keeping our energy bills low,” said Long Island Blu homeowner Chris Howitt.

Blu Homes recently reengineered its Breezehouse design for maximum efficiency. Just unveiled last month, the model was redesigned to use Blu Homes’ folding steel frame, making it more efficient and cheaper to construct. The first Breezehouse homes are being sold this month and will be complete by the end of the year.

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