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The two bedroom, 1,800 sq. ft. apartment is packed with gears, nautical pulleys, parachutes, knobs, horns, chains and other vintage machinery that evokes Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” There’s no need to bring your own art or décor for this home, as the Steampunk décor begins at the front door and extends through every inch of the space. In fact, the theme begins outside, as the front door has been remodeled to resemble the entrance to a submarine.

Once inside, the signature glowing LED zeppelin light fixture leads guests into a state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen. Despite the high end appliances, even the kitchen keeps the retro feel, with an old ship helm repurposed into an island counter top and decorative wooden casts and ropes donning countertops and the walls.

The main living area resembles a stylized grease monkey garage, with vintage tools and gears hanging for their retro design aesthetic and tables made from upcycled factory elements. The theme continues into the half bathroom, which is decorated with wrenches and tools, using a recycled Ford barrel as the sink basin.

The heating and cooling systems in the master bedroom have been left exposed, forming silver shelves. A steel exoskeleton hugs the ceiling, holding up an opened parachute that encapsulates the room. An additional bedroom could easily be sectioned off in the loft life space.

The only area that does not carry the Steampunk feel, is the 500-square-foot private terrace that is lined with small planted trees. Steampunk and Jules Verne fans can rejoice — the apartment is still on the market.