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Confronted with the massive open warehouse space, which once housed furniture storage, Codesign wanted to utilize the natural light coming from the factory windows as much as possible. Their solution was to construct interior classrooms, with walls of recycled glass that faced the factory windows. The light aqua glass curtains are semi-transparent, allowing privacy for each class, while also flooding each room with light during day.

The former warehouse is only temporary, set for demolition in a few years, so Codesign used as many recyclable materials as possible. The recycled glass can be recycled again. The colorful vinyl flooring adds cheer to each classroom and can also be recycled. In fact, many of the construction pieces can be removed and reused, and the furniture will travel to the school’s future location.

Because the student population was ever increasing, Codesign wanted to utilize the common areas of entryways and corridors, turning them into functional areas. Outside the glass classrooms, students are encouraged to gather and relax on the color furniture grouped around the halls. Entryways are also clad with furniture, and the windows are lined with stools for studying and meeting.

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