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Milson Island Indoor Sports Stadium, canoe-inspired, Allen Jack+Cottier Architects, sydney, sports stadium, sports hall, multipurpose hall, plywood ceiling, arched frame, wind turbines, campsite, youth retreat, rainwater collection, rock garden

Built to accommodate a wide array of indoor activities from basketball to dance performances, the sports hall consists of a robust steel frame fitted with an acoustic slotted plywood ceiling. The rounded roof shape helps mitigate wind forces and eliminates the need for downspouts and gutters. Rainwater easily slides off the edges of the curved structure and pours directly into the rock gardens below for natural filtering and collection.

To keep the building cool during Sydney’s intense summers, the architects installed twelve wind turbines and a series of floor mounted air ducts to ventilate the building. At night, the arched canopy is visible through the ceiling-to-floor glazed façade, creating a beautifully illuminated backdrop to the adjacent campsite. The lighting coupled with the glass strip that runs along the sides of the building also give illusion that the arched sports hall magically floats above the ground.

+ Allen Jack+Cottier Architects

Via ArchDaily