We spotted a lot of great designs at ICFF this year, but one of the gems that really stopped us in our tracks was this gorgeous eco Echo Lounge Chair which boasts a customizable ergonomic cushion system and a sustainable attitude. The Echo Lounge Chair, designed by Carlos Fierro of Plug Design, is a simple, beautifully crafted metal framed chair that is built entirely without fasteners or adhesives. Timber slats fill the frame, and adjustable wool pieces inserted between each slat provide built-in cushioning. The best part is that the user can customize the profile of the woolen pieces to provide a plush, personalized fit to meet any ergonomic needs.

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Dematerialization, the practice of creating an object by using less materials or parts, is a powerful weapon in any designers arsenal of sustainable design tactics. It’s also a big part of why we fell in love with the Echo Lounge Chair. Not only can this superbly crafted chair adjust to your ergonomic needs, but it’s made with a minimum amount of resources and is 100% recyclable. It is also designed with maintenance in mind, as the wool inserts can be pulled out of the chair, washed, and put back in. Congrats Carlos on a stunning piece of work!

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